St. John’s Grove

We transformed this cosy apartment into a modern and spacious, open-plan home that’s perfect for hosting, working, and living.


This peaceful residential street in Archway looks like it’s straight out of Mary Poppins. High ceilings, bay windows, elaborate doorways, and beautiful brickwork are all features of the houses and apartments on St John’s Grove. The property we were working on had charm for sure, and we were thrilled to be tasked with modernising it.


With more of us entertaining and working from home, space has never been more important. This was the case with our client. They wanted an open plan kitchen, to increase the living area, and make the garden room usable. A fairly straightforward job, you’d think — however, with many older properties, issues are unearthed as soon as you begin knocking down walls and pulling up flooring. We discovered dry rot, and found the electrics in the property were not in line with modern regulations.


The property itself had a good square footage to create the client’s vision, but it was badly designed. We needed to remove an existing wall and install new steels to create the open-plan living spaces they desired. We also had to remove the floor and install new air bricks to stop dry rot from recurring. To create a spacious and inviting kitchen, our team at RUE Kitchen worked closely with the client to design the layout, countertops, storage solutions, and appliances. The client's garden room adds an ideal home office or place to relax — we wired the room to supply it with electricity, lighting, and an internet connection.


The extra space we created means our client can comfortably host guests and enjoy family time, as well as retreat to the garden room for work or pleasure. From the open-plan space to the hardwood floor and spotlights, this is a modern home destined to be a fantastic place to entertain, work, and live.

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